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About DAIT Token

Deep Aritficial Intelligence Token (DAIT) is the natural evolution of Bitcoin. Bitcoins are created by a process that uses vast computing resources and energy to do nothing else but solve a mathematical problem to create these coins. This process is called proof of work (POW).

Whereas the value of Bitcoin is derived from a factor of their scarcity and vast computing resources wasted to make them. DAIT gets it value by providing real world computing and artificial intelligence solutions. We call this Proof of Useful Work (POuW).

Waste Not Want Not - We believe resources should not be wasted.

Computing resources would be better applied to do useful work to solve real world computing / artificial intelligence for business, web, science, medicine and technology problems.

There is exponential growth for blockchain and artificial intelligence resources.

Not only does DAIT have an advantage over others by not wasting resources but DAIT takes it to the next level by providing an incentive to do useful work with idle computing resources. Then through the convergence of AI with blockchain DAIT applies real computing logic to the idea of "smart contracts" which allows for the application of blockchain solutions towards real world business solutions.

This elegant application of Artificial Intelligence with Blockchain is magnitudes more powerful and efficient than traditional technology.

DAIT was created to solve the big problems! DAIT fulfills the promise of bitcoin and blockchain, truly smart contracts, and provides for the worlds growing need for efficient computing and artificial intelligence solutions.

DAIT is a secure digital asset that can help with access to funding around the world, but at the same time, it is solving real world algorithm intensive problems for a fractions of the cost. This is called Useful Work!

Ultimately we can make future computing smarter!

Key features of Deep Artifical Intelligence Token

Process AI requests

Perform complex Artificial Intelligence and computing work for a better future.

Protecting precious resources

Eliminate waste of power, computing resources and do userful work with idle resources through the use of AI empowered blockchain

The same great blockchain but more useful

Security of blockchain with the Intelligence of AI. The best of all words.

The Features of DAIT

We are creating a modular blockchain that is efficient and effective.

Secure Networks & Flexibility

Verifying work being completed and executed efficiently is always important. Increasing dependence on the internet and digital world require vast improvements in our online security. Intelligent use of AI and blockchain technology can meet our growing security needs now and in the future. Security by design and nature is embedded in every layer of technology via blockchain technology. Once recorded, the data in any given block cannot be altered retroactively without collusion of the network majority. A rewards and penalty ethical node layer fosters a self healing healthy ecosystem that rewards good actors and punishes bad.

Lowering AI Cost

Provide lower cost AI resources while being able perform tasks, using truly smart contracts to execute AI payloads in the most efficient manner. Work that is more time sensitive can execute at a higher cost while work that is less time sensitive can be executed at a lower cost. Allowing for unprecedented work efficiency and optimum resource utilization.

Scaling and Beneficial Work

Traditional centralized computing models and the developing decentralized system will be completely replaced by an Intelligent distributed (beyond decentralized) peer to peer cloud / fog network with each node aware of other nodes which are optimally organized in localities do work. A flexible market place settles demand and price as required to perform real beneficial work such as deep learning, hosting, file storage and computing at magnitudes greater efficiency and cost than currently possible.


Here is why you should choose DAIT!

Clouded AI Platform

Clouded resources provide data quickly and effectively!

Safe and Secure

Secure AI task can be created and assigned and once finished, no longer exisit on miner.

Payment Systems

Still can send and recieve tokens just like bitcoin.

Global Competitive AI Marketplace

Cost of AI and Deep Learning is essentially way less than other options.

The roadmap to success

What are our major goals?

View our roadmap to see how exactly we are making that happen.


January 2018 Concept development

The concept to utilize Proof of Useful Work to not waiste resources to create the initial layout of DAIT

October 2020 Website DAIT.io pre-launched

A website to explain the concept with version 0.20 Whitepaper


Q1 2021 Version 1 of Whitepaper
  • Design of full-platform website started
  • Version 1 of Whitepaper released to public
Q2 2021 Full launch of website for pre-sale
  • Options to pre-purchase to raise capital for token development
  • Options to sign-up for more details and check on progress

Q1 2022 Token Public ICO Launch

ICO Public Launch

DAIT Concept

Proof of Useful Work


Read the Whitepaper

A revolutionary concept of creating a cryptocurrency by doing useful computing and artificial intelligence work with a blockchain ecosystem.